Welcome to my wonderful world of Bull Terriers and French Bulldogs

Forever in my heart. LEXI was a blessing to me every moment that she graced my life. You will be missed my "BABY GIRL".
You are now in God's Hands....sleep well
My wonderful "Cricket" with grandson, "Cody"
Established in 1965
Folks, please do your homework before purchasing a dog. Make sure the breed you are interested in, FITS YOUR NEEDS AND LIFESTYLE! Not every breed meets the needs and desires of each family.
Keep in mind the cost of not only the purchase, but also, LONG TERM CARE!
A dog is yours for it's Whole Life,NOTjust until the Novelty Wears Off...There is a reason Dog Pounds are FULL!
"The greatness of a Nation and its Moral Progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated"
                 -Mahatma Gandhi-
IMPORTANT!  Please read the page "How Could You?" BEFORE considering adding a puppy to your family!