Grandma Anne's Canine Kids #3
Frenchies can make the weirdest FACES, Such Intensity......
Navin and his Bottle Cap
Lilly and her carrot and toys

Hi..My name is Martie, I take after Grandma Bugs..I can act real cool
Can you say, "Tiny Bubbles"
"Quest" at 8 weeks
Alex, Kadie and Harley, Best Buddies
Above and below, "Meera", pleasant dreams; Always nice to have a good buddy
(right) Martie, cream Frenchie and her Doxie buddy (left) Louis
Chad, now called "Scout" is in his forever home with the Robinsons:)
Georgie girl at 2 years
"Boner" allows himself to be playing dress-up with and by, the little girl of his family.
Navin says "I will show this ball who is the Boss"....
Greer Price and his beloved canine Pal "Gus"
"Thor" shown in above photos, color = black masked fawn
Ruby, getting a little senile, "How do I get out of these sheets?"
"Sadie Anne" black brindle Bull Terrier, shown prior to 1 year old
Chet aka Chen Chen enjoying the morning sun
"Theo", Kiwi and Brady son at 10 weeks. Sleep well little boy, Sweet Dreams.......