Grandma Anne's Canine Kid's page 1 

brindle Bull Terrier "Caleb" with his family
White male Bull Terrier, "Scooterboy" age 10 years
On the left..How is this for GREAT temperament!!! White female Bull Terrier, "Meera", with her housemates..A Pit Bull and A Rottweiler. Without proper breeding and training, this could be a recipe for disaster
These "Grandma pages" are dedicated to the wonderful Bull Terrier and French Bulldog puppies that have gone on to their wonderful forever homes. Thank you to those who have given these "furry friends" such LOVING homes:)
This is Winkie's son "George", Is this a face to love!  He gets to go to soccer games, with his family and be the center of attention
"Bubbles" owner has a hard time taking photos of her, because she is always running around to meet new friends.
On hot California days "Lilly", knows how to enjoy herself ...Playing in her cool shallow swimming pool and eating watermelon..Now you have figured it out Mom......The good stuff is watermelon....... NOT carrots:)
Frenchies enjoy their comfort!! These "Kids" are shown sleeping in a few Typical Frenchie poses.