Sleep well, until we meet again..........                                  
In this life, a few of us are touched by those very special pets who hold an indescribable position in our hearts. A spot which can never be "filled" by another pet or person. That special "canine person" was a Frenchie, who I referred to as my "baby girl" a little cream girl called LEXI. Yesterday May 1, 2008, I lost that little lover, and with her, a big part of my own heart. She made me smile and laugh every day, that she graced my presence. Here are some of the few photos I have of that beautiful little cream lovebug.........

Lexi is shown here with 2 of her Bull Terrier friends, "Shelby" (a white BT, 12 years) and "Amy" (a red and white BT, 10 years). 2007 was a year of loosing these 2 beloved canine friends, among others. It was Lexi who helped me grieve their passing.

However, my greatest loss is that of little LEXI, herself, as she has been my only "in house" comforter in a few years of great loss.    I will need many prayers for the strength to deal with the death of my BEST canine friend. I will not and cannot say goodbye. But rather "until we meet again"  as I believe she is in Heaven making the angels SMILE......
Lexi, shown cuddled up to her best friend, Pebbles.
To those Beloved Frenchies lost in 2015:  Pebbles 15 years
             Flicker 13 years (on my BD)
             Kiebler 4 years (heat stroke)
             Katie 10 years
             Brady  8 years (back injury)
             Sara 11 yrs  (Christmas Day)
2016:  Jeremiah 16 years