We are very silly and have a great time playing with each other or with our Human mom, Anne....she loves us all and is happy we make her laugh:)
Brady kisses Widget (L) and when she is not beating him up,
Widget kisses Brady (R)..these 2 loveable pups are my wonderful "baby girl-Lexi"s kids and as such, they are very important to me!
Brady says, "Who say's I have a big mouth?"..while sister Widget responds, "Yeah..Right!"
Hannah (L), an "only child" gets comfort from her 2 half-siblings, Brady and Widget. Don't worry, we love you!
These 3 puppies bring  happiness to each and every day.  Watching their antics and their sheer joy for life is what makes my days complete.........
These 2 photos, taken by my friend Jackie Bass, show the 3 Musketeers in their "Best behavior" pose...ha ha don't let those innocent faces fool you for a minute. They are thinking all the time..."What's Next?"
Above and below is my sweetheart, BRADY, he is my little "furry worm"..who is both beautiful and a dear little "cuddle bug".