JEREMIAH,  black masked fawn                                    
This is Timmy and Winkie. Sitting still is a hard thing, when what we really want to do is play, play, play!
Nothing in life is quite as  nice as a comfy bed and a few good pillows...even if they wiggle a bit
This is my baby girl, LACEY. She is a daughter of Winkie. She is really a sweetheart, and I plan on doing a repeat breeding.  Shown here at 9 weeks old.

Brady crying "Owie, owie, owie,..... help, help, help..... Mommy  she is beating me up"!!!! Sometimes little squirts like Widget, can get the upper hand on a guy!
Cricket with her grandson, Cody
Below are 2 baby sisters to Lacey (above), Mindy (brindle) and Ripley (cream-fawn)
Cricket and her babies, Sara and Chloe
Silas, the dad of most of my cream puppies, Just a Total LOVE
Old girl "Piper"  8 years old and my great nephew "Deacon" 4 years old
Lacey daughter, "Violet" and admirer, actress Jane Lynch at the People Magazine Fall Premier
Bugs-Don't let this quiet sophisticated
look fool you, there is a terrorist lurking behind this face!! SAD NEWS! Bugs passed away  due to c-section complications. Always watch the surgery!

"BRADY", my cream Silas son I really love this boy, see more photos on  the Frenchie Kids page
  on the left is the "Kiwi" and "Brady" daughter a Honey pied girl I call "Kleopatra" or
"KLEO" for short 
RIP Jeremiah You have given me 16 wonderful years, filled with smiles, laughter, and great Frenchie babies. You were a loving Friend, who sat by my side through times of sorrow and loneliness. You gave great mushy KISSES. You will be sorely missed, MY FRIEND.
June 1, 2000-August 25, 2016